Tuesday, December 19, 2017

My hermit-y days continue

As this portion of my vacation continues, I realize how happy I am all by myself.  Today I enjoyed myself:

•  Watching one of those classics I've always read about but have never seen -- The Man Who Came to Dinner. It's funny and, while I thought it started slow, it grew on me. Even though she was top billed, Bette Davis has a supporting role, and she's actually rather sweet. And "sweet" is not a word I usually apply to BD.

•  Writing out a condolence card to Joanna. She put her beloved black cat to sleep yesterday. Joanna hit such a bad stretch -- money trouble, a bad case of flu, and now this. It did make me happy, though, that she reached out to me to tell me about her kitty. Our friendship is growing slowly, at a nice pace. I liked it that she knew I'd be sympathetic to the loss of her fur baby. that she wanted to share this with me. We're going to get together some time next week to celebrate New Year's.

•  Putting together a final bag of stuff for Goodwill. I got a pair of black pajamas today from my cousin Rosie. They're adorable and I love them, but black pajamas just won't do in a home with two cats and lots of shedding. So they were first into the bag. Then there were the odds and ends I've been slipping into the bottom drawer of the armoire, just waiting for their opportunity to leap into the bag, too.

"I did so do something!"

... she said defensively.

I went to the dentist and had a blissfully uneventful checkup and cleaning.

I took myself out to breakfast and celebrated my vacation over a mug of apple cider with cinnamon. (My two favorite smells!)

I went to the bank and took out a lot of cash for my upcoming vacation.

I did four loads of wash (mixed, darks, whites, and my mattress cover/bathroom rug).

Then I went to CVS and used my coupon for another jug of my favorite laundry detergent. (Tide Ultra. Why is it only available at CVS?)

I rotated my mattress.

I admit that come evening, I forgot what day of the week it was.