Friday, January 04, 2013

Reflections of a new Bond Girl

Last month I say my first-ever Bond film, Skyfall, and was bowled over. I conferred with friends who are diehard Bond fans before deciding which other installments I need to see. The advice I have received was consistent:

•  Avoid the Roger Moore Bond movies
•  Feel free to skip the Timothy Dalton Bond movies (no one even mentions poor Lazenby)
•  Remember that the quality of the Pierce Brosnan Bond movies is spotty
•  Don't miss Daniel Craig as Bond in Casino Royale

And, most of all, embrace the fact Sean Connery is the REAL James Bond.

So over the Christmas holiday I treated myself to Goldeneye with Brosnan/Bond and Dr. No, the original Bond movie with the original (and I'm repeatedly told, REAL) Connery/Bond.

I enjoyed Goldeneye. It was more playful than Skyfall, but that was OK because Brosnan has less depth but more humor (though substantially less cool) than Daniel Craig.

I'm sorry to report that I really didn't like Dr. No at all. In fact, I was bored. It was hopelessly dated and I felt no real suspense.

I feel like a failure as a Bond Girl.

Breakfast for lunch and dinner

I'm coming down with a cold and it's manifesting itself in a ravenous desire for breakfast foods. I had a bowl of oatmeal and a trio of sausage links for dinner last night and scrambled eggs and minced ham for lunch today.

Hopefully lots of comforting breakfast foods, combined with Zicam and oj, will get me through this with minimal ick.