Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Close, but no cigar

I found myself really, really wishing I was a guy today. But Freud was wrong. It was not because I want to pee standing up.

I really struggled with a cart carrying a box of personal belongings home from the office. While I was pulling it, I was fine. But getting it onto the train was a challenge, and I was panicked worrying about how to get it off the train.

A 30-something man was enjoying a beer with a buddy in the train car's vestibule and he mentioned that he only had a 10 minute ride. "Are you getting off at my stop?" I asked. He said yes, and then he said he'd be happy to help me with the cart.

When the train doors opened, he just hoisted the cart I'd been battling. Just casually lifted it to chest level, and then walked effortlessly down the three steps, as I followed with his beer can.

Such upper body strength, so obviously taken for granted it's been his for decades. It was both awesome and humbling.