Thursday, July 14, 2011

Donating platelets

It's called apheresis. Did it again this evening, right after work, and am surprised anew by how easy it is. I just sat in the chair and squeezed a ball, on and off, for 45 minutes to an hour. Every once in a while my lips tingled, and now, hours later, my arm's a wee bit sore where the needle resided, but really, that's nothing.

Especially when I think about the people I can help. Patients with bone marrow transplants, cancer, leukemia and other blood disorders are susceptible to infection, bleeding and brusing because their treatment kills the healthy as well as malignant cells. My platelets can help them stay strong.

My friend Ed's daughter is battling leukemia, and has just been in and out of the hospital again. My friend Kathleen successfully battled breast cancer last year. Knowing how important donations were to them, how can I not share my healthy AB platelets with others in need?

Do a little research on donation centers in your neighborhood and consider doing this yourself. You won't regret it.