Sunday, July 06, 2014

July Journaling Challenge

Day 6 -- Draw/paint something

No. I don't wanna.

Instead I'm giving you this picture of Joey and Connie. I love it because of the disparity in their sizes ... something they both seem completely unaware of.
Connie is going to her first vet appointment this Saturday. In the past, the doctor has told me that even though they're both fixed, they're undoubtedly still aware of their gender difference. Now I want to know if I'm right and they have no idea that Connie is petite and Joey is ... not.

BTW, the bleach bottle is there beside the refrigerator to stop her from sliding back behind there. It was a favorite hiding place when she was a new arrival. By end of summer, I think the compulsion to hide from me and the boys will only be a vague memory in her tiny brain. She's really integrated herself into our lives very comfortably.