Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Congratulations to MY American Idol!

Did you see all those cheering suburbanites in the Mount Prospect Village Green? I'm so happy for them ... and Lee DeWyze ... and me, because he was my favorite all season. I loved Lee's spontaneously sweet reaction at being named American Idol for Season #9.

And I loved that I didn't turn the TV on until 8:54. The last ten minutes of the results show is really all I needed to see.

"I Want" Wednesday

I want to catch up my housework. (Duh.) I especially want to regrout between some of my shower tiles. The thing of it is, it's a messy job and I must actually sit in the tub to do it. Also, I have only one bathroom so it's hard for me to coordinate the need to bathe with the need to keep the regrouted area dry. So odds are good I won't get to it this weekend. Still, handling that would make me feel more caught up.

What about you? What do you want to catch up on?

You're bugging me, Bud

I'm a fan of Obama's. I want him to succeed and am pleased with much of what he's accomplished in a tremendously complicated world. But his laissez faire approach to the BP spill is getting on my last nerve.

He went to San Francisco and attended a fundraiser for Barbara Boxer last night, playing politics while the Gulf is polluted, businesses are destroyed, the ecosystem is threatened and seafood is contaminated.

Oh, I know he cares. But then, I also believed that George W. Bush cared about Katrina. Concern doesn't necessarily equal competence.

I want more action. Smart, targeted action. And I want leadership. While Bill Clinton didn't personally take off and find Timothy McVeigh himself, we were reassured daily that he was on Oklahoma City. I want similar exhibitions of conviction from my President now.

C'mon, Barack!

New Clean Me

Every day I am going to do something -- no matter how small -- to improve my standard of living at home.

This morning I took inventory of my watch drawer. Perhaps it's crowded because at least five of the watches require new batteries. At approx. $10 a pop, I can't afford to handle this all at once, especially not this late in the month/pay period, but I did slip a couple into purse and will drop them off at lunchtime. (After all, I can't exercise at all this week -- sclerotherapy -- but that doesn't mean I can't be productive.) Then I'll look them over, decide which stay, and put the others aside for Goodwill.

At any rate, I'm organizing the drawer and removing any temptation to buy another watch!

The Subconscious Doesn't Lie

While I have often admitted my abiding fondness for George Clooney, I didn't realize how graphic -- and I do mean explicitly detailed -- my fantasies about him were until I woke up blushing this morning. That dream last night shows George to be very imaginative indeed. Oh, my! Good thing I had a cold shower to dive into.