Monday, October 25, 2010

Movie Monday -- The King of Horror

If the world was to be banned of all Stephen King productions but one, which would you save for posterity - to represent the only visual adaptation of his work for the future generations to see? Share your selection, linking back here at The Bumbles. And don't forget to visit your fellow participants!

Carrie. My first King, and still my favorite. How good is this movie? Sissy Spacek got her first Oscar nomination as best actress for it. The Academy doesn't often pay attention to horror, but this one is so good it couldn't be ignored. Not only is the lead performance terrific, the story is unbeatable. It depicts teenage angst at its most extreme and gives us a sympathetic serial killer we can root for!

Special note: Carrie is closest to my heart, but it never appears in my nightmares. That book IT has that honor. Unfortunately, it was a made-for-TV movie and not just of the quality of Carrie.