Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Ewing Shop

This little (200 sq. ft.) slice of heaven is where I stayed in Colonial Williamsburg. 220 years ago, the building on this spot was a dry goods store run by a Scottish immigrant named Ebeneezer Ewing. Today it has a gorgeous four-poster bed with curtains, a working fireplace, and just enough modern touches (plumbing, TV) to make it comfortable but not enough to ruin the vibe. I even had my own little backyard!

One of the coolest things about staying right there in one of the historic houses on the grounds is that it was convenient. After touring one of the exhibits, I could just run home and use my own bathroom instead of the public restrooms. The little sign on the front door discouraged any tourists who thought my humble abode was an attraction.

I loved every moment I spent here.

(Sick of my trip yet?)

I'm Indi-a Mood for Love

That's the name of the OPI polish I got during my spa pedi. Prior to my luxury soaking, exfoliating, moisturizing and painting, I got a reflexology massage. Veronika, a Russian lass, worked wonders on my neck, wrists/hands, and especially my feet. Which is why I think of Tuesday as Tootsie Day at the Spa at Colonial Williamsburg.


I picked these as my first posted photos from my four-day sojurn to Williamsburg because people-watching, especially kid-watching, was one of the great joys. Student groups seem to be high on their own independence, being away from their parents. Younger kids, there with their parents, got swept up in making believe that they live back in the 1700s. I noticed a lot of Beatle t-shirts, more on young people than baby boomers. I view this as England's revenge for the Revolution.

More later. Lots more. I predict you'll all just plead with me to quit posting about about Williamsburg before too long!