Sunday, June 02, 2024

Sunday Stealing


1. If you like art, who is your favorite artist and why? Thomas McKnight. I love his idealized interiors. They make me want to enter them and sit down.

2. If you were able to learn any three skills or talents instantly and with success, what would they be? Speak Spanish, play guitar and -- most of all -- master that fucking cash register at the card shop. Just when I think I've got it down, something happens and I feel like I'm fighting a losing battle: woman vs. machine.

3. If you were to live in Ancient Times, where - in what country - would you want to live in? I wouldn't go. I'm too fond of running water, deodorant and air conditioning.

4. What is something you’re embarrassed to admit to liking? Whether it be a guilty pleasure show, or unusual hobby, etc. Valley of the Dolls. I love every wretched frame of this trashy film.

5. What is the worst job you’ve ever had? I was an admin to a trio of men I neither liked nor respected. One of my bosses had me xeroxing catalogs all day to help him buy and sell his toy cars. Another had me take his personal checks -- made out to cash -- to the company cashier so his wife wouldn't know he was funneling money to their adult son. The third would scold me for either opening his mail (if it was personal) or not opening his mail (but didn't he just tell me ...). I truly hated going in each day.

6. What is something that you wanted to do as a child that you would still like to do now? Marry Paul McCartney

7. What do you hate being judged for more than anything else? I'm not crazy about being judged at all.

8. What is your life’s mission? To be a kinder person.

9. If everyone walked around wearing warning labels, what would yours say? Tread lightly.

10. At what age did you first feel like you were an adult? 19.

11. When did you not speak up, but wish you had?  At my old job, I let us present work I didn't believe in because I didn't want to argue with my new boss. It wasn't fair to my client.

12. What is something that makes your skin crawl? Donald Trump

13. What was the last thing to give you butterflies in your stomach? Air travel. I really hate to fly.

14. What's your favorite type of media to work with? (Paint, clay, pens etc.) I like a good marker.

15. What question do you hate answering? Nothing is coming to mind. I guess that means you can ask me anything!