Wednesday, July 28, 2010

What childhood game am I?

I Am Hopscotch

You are easygoing and carefree. You like to play, but you don't really like to compete.

You prefer to cooperate with others. You like to work with people ... not against them!

You have a childlike innocence and optimism that is worth holding on to.

You find happiness easily. You can get pleasure from the smallest things.

Shame on me

I don't trust rich people. I believe in that quote, "behind every great fortune lies a great crime."

This has caused me to view my best friend's life in Boulder, surrounded by his wealthy relatives, with a jaundiced eye. I assume everyone in his crowd lives like John and Patsy Ramsey did -- a madcap whirl of society parties and beauty pageants.

I can be an ass.

He told me last night about his daughters' birthday parties. They are events, as so many kids' parties are today. For example, last month his elder girl invited her friends along for a limo ride to and from a fancy restaurant in celebration of her 13th birthday. But, instead of gifts, her guests were invited to bring money -- donations to her favorite charity, an organization that buys mosquito nets for African villagers.

His younger daughter, the ballerina, wants her party to benefit an animal shelter.

He's very proud of how enthusiastic they are about this, and he should be. He credits his older daughter's teacher for planting the idea, encouraging her students to make a charitable contribution in her name instead of end-of-the-schoolyear gifts.

I know how much I loved my gifts when I was a kid, and I'm not sure I would have forsaken them so willingly.

I am suitably chastened.