Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Play for Fun and Fame and Prizes!

Ok, I'm lying about Fame and Prizes. But I am led to believe by Kwiz and Snarkela (see comments on the 10 on Tuesday post below) that this might be Fun.


The Gal Herself has been blogging relentlessly for four years this month. With all that unfettered blabbing, she has revealed much. In fact, regular readers may know just about all there is to know about her.
Or do you?

See if you can respond to these completely Gal-Centric questions correctly. While there may not be one right answer, some answers will undoubtedly be right-er. The decision of the judge (me) will be final.

1) The Gal comes across $50 in found money. That's cash, with no strings attached. What will she do with it?

2) It's Sunday night at about 10:00. The Gal is looking back upon her weekend and is upset with herself because once again she has failed to do something. What is it she means to do almost every weekend, but seldom does? (No, the answer we're looking for is not, "have sex," though it would be true.)

3) Of course The Gal has more Paul McCartney songs (Beatle and solo) on her iPod than any other artist. But who comes in (a distant) second?

4) The Gal never does something that most American adults do at least several times a week, if not every day. What is it? (No, the answer we're looking for is not, "have sex," though it would be true.)

5) Who is The Gal's all-time, miles-above-everyone-else hero/idol/role model? You get extra credit if you know why.

6) There's a TV show The Gal loves, even though she knows it's shameful trash. What is this guilty pleasure? (Clue: It's on right now as I compose this.)

7) While she hates the heat, there are some things that come along with warm weather that The Gal loves. Name one.

8) The Gal donated money to two political campaigns that she now feels owe her a refund. Whose campaigns were they?

9) Which author's recent death made The Gal very sad?

10) The Gal is online ... again! If she's not reading blogs or answering emails, what is she most likely doing?

Boy, it's really weird to write about yourself in the third person.

Ten on Tuesday -- When I dream ...

Here are 10 men who frequently appear on this blog as objets d'lust, listed in order of recentcy.

1) Mark Harmon. Gibbs. See below.

2) George Clooney. Cool smart ass who lives by a code.

3) Greg Maddux. My favorite Cub of all time. One of the greatest pitchers in the history of the game. The man whose control is so great he could "throw a baseball thru the hole in a Lifesaver."

4) Robert Redford. Vintage cinematic Golden Boy and one of the coolest guys ever.

5) Nigel Barker. Former model, star fashion photographer, and the only reason I watch America's Next Top Model. (Dear God, that accent!)

6) Bruce Willis. I always love him, smirk (John McClane, David Addison) or no smirk (Malcolm from The Sixth Sense).

7) Sir Paul. My most enduring crush. Ever since he first sang, "Close your eyes and I'll kiss you, tomorrow I'll miss you," on The Ed Sullivan Show.

8) Bruce Springsteen. The Boss. Still fighting the good fight, still rocking that body by Nautilus, even at 60.

9) Jon Hamm. Don Draper. I love you.

10) Patrick Dempsey. Grey's Anatomy is no longer appointment TV for me (though now that I'm sure I won't be subjected to Izzie, I may make more of an effort) but still, every time I see McDreamy he lives up to the name.

Sigh. Hope you enjoyed this as much as I did.