Thursday, May 26, 2022

Gov. Abbott should just shut up about Chicago

And here's why: 3 of 5 traceable guns recovered by Chicago police come from other states. Including his beloved Texas.

Yes, my city is awash with guns. I have written about it many times. But using Chicago as an example of why gun laws don't work is ingenuous and, from Abbott, it's ugly.

If we had uniform national gun laws, or if the governors of Indiana, Mississippi, Kentucky, Alabama, and Texas behaved responsibly, guns from their states wouldn't be flooding Illinois.

So Tuesday morning, when you hear the grim weekend gun violence stats from Chicago, spend a second to wonder where those guns came from. And ask yourself why Gov. Abbott feels it's tasteless and sick to "use" the death of young Texans for political gain, but he's cool with exploiting our grief.