Friday, May 08, 2009

My how time flies when you're antsy

So you don't like the word "antsy?" Of course you don't. No one seems all that crazy about anything I write this week. Choose your own synonym: Fidgety, nervous, discontented, uncomfortable, peevish. They all apply.

Our team is not working together as a team, and mistakes are being made. I don't know which came first -- the fractiousness or the fuck-ups. Since my creative concepts have been the ones that have been chosen lately, it's my projects that have endured the lion's share of problems. No one's mood is improved by the rumors of another round of lay offs.

Oh well, I'm having my customary Friday afternoon beer. That means the workweek is over and I can go home to watch the Cubs take on the Brewers. Sunday will be a big day, too, celebrating Mother's Day. It's more poignant and meaningful this year because of my mother's recent illness.

I hate it when this happens!

Had a rough day at work. Our client requested that we present our latest creative over the phone and on the web instead of in person -- they banned travel to and from their offices to help stem exposure to swine flu. We have never done it this way before, and it was impossible to tell if they liked the work or not.

This makes me nervous because lay-off rumors are swirling again. It would have been nice to be able to enthusiastically say to myself, "At least the client loves my work, so that might keep me safe." But right now I honestly can't.

I got home a little later than usual, watched Grey's Anatomy and then dozed off on the sofa.


I wanted to catch the end of the Cubs game (they beat Houston for the second night in a row!) and the late night repeat of Oprah's interview with Elizabeth Edwards. Missed them both.

What's worse, it's after 2:00 AM and now I'm wide awake!