Monday, May 18, 2009

At least there's no Cub game tonight. No AI, either.

So what the hell. Why shouldn't I stop by my mother's house tonight to visit with my older sister? She's only in from Los Angeles until Wednesday.

Because my older sister is psycho and I don't like her.

But spending a little time with her tonight will make my mom happy. And it will save my older sister embarrassment. She got married again recently and wants her new husband to think she's an integral part of a family that loves her. If I don't make an effort to see her, she may have to explain the unpleasant truth to him.

How often do you get the chance to do something this inexpensive that can spare another person discomfort? Of course, let's face it, I might not be this Christian and giving and selfless if there was a game tonight, or if American Idol was on Mondays instead of Tuesdays.