Monday, June 08, 2020

Are your neighbors OK?

Click here to find your local food bank
I just saw a photo of empty shelves. Our local food bank is almost, literally, out of canned goods. With so many of us out of work or furloughed because of the corona virus, the demand has been too great for the community to keep up.

Lately I've been lazy with my support. I used to add a can of something to my basket every time I went to the store. Then, when I'd collected a full grocery bag, I'd drop it off at the visitor's center, which had a big basket for donations by the front door. But the visitor's center closed and moved their efforts online, so I just went online, too. I began giving a few bucks every month -- billed to my credit card so I can earn miles! -- and called it a day. Lazy, lazy gal.

Neighborhood churches regularly collect canned goods, but we've all been worshiping online, and that's severely impacted donations.

What about your town? Are your neighbors OK? Or could your food pantry use a special infusion right about now?

If you want to find a pantry near you, here's a link to Feeding America.