Monday, October 03, 2011

My perfect afternoon included KMart

No, really!

It was sunny and over 70ยบ today. The trees are still full and green. It's my favorite kind of weather, and I was happy to be out of in it. I took the public transportation to the general neighborhood of both KMart and Walmart, and then Jackie* and I walked for about a half hour. KMart came first. I found a perfectly adequate three-blade ceiling fan for my den for less than $40. It was too heavy for me to carry any distance -- I still have to be careful about that -- so I took a cab home.

But it was nice to walk a bit without feeling exhausted. It was nice to have the fans in the windows again. It was nice to save money on the fan so I won't have to feel guilty about the expense of the cab back.


* I had Historic Conversations on Life with John F. Kennedy on my iPod. I think this could be the first time she was ever -- in any way, shape or form -- in KMart.