Tuesday, August 10, 2010

10 on Tuesday

Ten things on my mind this lovely Tuesday:

1) Why did I wait so long to fall in love with Mark Harmon? I saw him in a clip from a made-for-TV movie of Sweet Bird of Youth and he took my breath away. As handsome as he is now, he was heartbreakingly gorgeous in 1989. And far more comfortable flashing teeth and bare flesh than he is now.

2) How come I always get bitten by mosquitoes? These red welts are making me nuts.

3) This Cubs season blows, but I still don't want it to end. And as August melts into September, it will evaporate and I will be sad(der.)

4) I brought my lunch today, and am feeling very virtuous about the money I saved.

5) I really love the new book I started, Let's Take the Long Way Home.
I wish it was acceptable to read at my desk when things are slow (like they are today).

6) I hate going to the health club, and I hate being at the health club, but I do love having worked out.

7) I'm trying not to be mad at my mom.
She's in her mid-70s, we don't have much more time together, and I guess have to decide whether or not this is something that really matters. There's a post about this bubbling up in me, and I'm going to write it soon. Maybe "musing" about it will help diffuse some of the tension.

8) I just bought a gerbera daisy for a coworker's birthday. It cost little more than buying a card, was much easier than trying to find the right Hallmark sentiment, and looks so much more special.

9) Slow work days tend to bring out the worst in everyone. Maybe that's why someone coined the phrase about idle hands being the devil's workshop.

10) I really wish we weren't in Afghanistan. I know that as an Illinois Democrat, I should be supporting my President in this. But I think he's wrong here.