Thursday, July 29, 2021

Oh, Captain! My Captain!

 The Cubs traded Anthony Rizzo today. He is now a Yankee. I hate it. I am angry.

I know ballplayers get traded. But this was sick and wrong. The Cubs owners have cried poor, saying they  are unable to pay Rizz what he's worth. But the Ricketts family owns the Cubs, and the ballpark, and the plaza outside the park, and a hotel across the street. All that land is worth (according to Cook County property records) $140,000,000. That's the land. That doesn't count game day revenue from tickets and hotdogs and parking and beer, or licensing from tshirts, or TV (the Cubs have their own network). 

Right now, I don't see myself returning to Wrigley Field any time soon. 

They dissed my captain.