Sunday, December 01, 2019

Sunday Stealing


1. Right now I'm _____. Watching Meet the Press.

2. _____ is my well known quirk. Being a rabid fan girl

3. Are you _____? kidding

4. _____ first, then _____! Measure/cut

5. That's why _____. I'm here

6. _____ is one of my favorite tv shows ever! The Dick Van Dyke Show

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to _____, tomorrow my plans include _____ Um ... My answers are not weekend-y at all: starting my Christmas cards/going to work

8. If I could go anywhere on a road trip, I'd go to _____. the TCM Film Festival in April. (Unfortunately, I can't afford it this year.)

9. _____ is something I don't understand. Dismissing impeachment after all this evidence

10. Thanksgiving makes me think of _____ how grateful I am for my blessings.

11. _____ is the best way to relax! A nap

12. It looks like Autumn _____. is over

13. _____ is one of my favorite healthy snacks. A bowl of cereal

14. The smell of _____ makes me think of _____. licorice/Grandpa

15. When I am feeling lazy I _____. do this (fart around on the internet)

16. When I look to the left, I see ______________. my sofa

17. ___________ are the room(s) that have the best view in my home. The living room is

18. _________ was done dirt cheap! Dirty deeds were

19. __________ is a responsibility that all qualified citizens must share. Jury duty

20. If you have any __________feel free to share it with me. chocolate


"I need my sister"

So began my Saturday night call with Henry. He resigned from the Sunday night poetry group because the woman who runs it "attacks" him and he can't take it anymore. Apparently they have been at cross purposes since summertime, and things came to a head this past week when she accused Henry of showing up for meetings drunk.

He claims he wasn't. He says it's all different medications he takes after his accident.

I know that, after church on Sunday, he and his friend Phyllis go to brunch and drink wine.

So I think they're both right.

He was very weepy, which is standard these days. But he is showing real improvement. He's empathetic again. That facet of his personality has been missing for the last year. Now he says he's sorry for what he's put me, Reg and Phyllis through. It's so good to hear.

I tell him apologies are not necessary, that I love him and I'll always be here. I tell him the facts and details of the accident are unimportant to me, that all I care about is having him alive and stronger every day.

That's not entirely true. I'm very happy to hear the "I'm sorry." Because he has. on occasion, been an asshole and it's a balm to hear he knows and regrets hurting my feelings.

And because, before the accident, Henry was the dearest, most generous man you'd ever want to meet. I've missed him!

In less than a month we will be together in Key West. That will be good for us both. I predict it will be a merrier Christmas than it was last year (and Christmas 2020 will be even better still).

In my happy place

I love to sit in a darkened theater, eat movie food* and contemplate murder. That's why I enjoyed Knives Out. It's everything I wanted The Good Liar to be. It's funny, fast-paced and twisty -- very twisty. It's SNL meets Agatha Christie. I'm only sorry that the plot made it impossible for Christopher Plummer and Danial Craig to have a scene together. That would have been great!

*Saturday, it was Raisinettes