Sunday, November 24, 2019

Sunday Stealing


1. You can breathe underwater or be able to fly. Which one would you choose and why?
 Fly. Then I would never be late for anything ever again.

2. What's your go to order at a café? My favorite meal to eat out is breakfast, so I'll go with my standard coffee-house order: Two eggs over easy, bacon, wheat toast, orange juice.

3. Where do you feel the safest? In my bed.

4. What is the one book or book series you could reread without getting bored for the rest of time? I like Spenser series set in Boston.

5. You will receive ten million dollars, but you need to spend one million dollars in 24 hours to receive the other nine million tax free (and you can’t tell anyone what you’re doing). What do you spend it on? I'd click around on Expedia. booking all the top-of-the-line travel I'll be able to take. TCM Film Festival, cruise to Hawaii, tour of London and then Liverpool ... click, click, click ... I'll need to buy new luggage and lots of new clothes ... click, click, click ...

6. What was your favorite vacation to date? I really did enjoy The TCM Film Festival last spring.

7. Is there any scent that reminds you of a specific memory? What is the scent and what does it remind you of? Black licorice reminds me of my grandfather because he used these medicated throat discs.They've been discontinued, but the memory remains.


8. What is your favorite TV series? Do you have just one or more? This Is Us. I'm also enjoying The Crown.

9. They say that in life you need to try everything. Are there things you will never try? Oysters. Thank you, but I have no interest.

10. If I ask you to close your eyes and remember a picture of you, what do you see? I don't remember any photograph, but I the first memory that pops into my head is playing on the swing in my grandpa's backyard. I was very happy out there. I think the throat discs made that top of mind.

11. What was your childhood bedroom like? Yellow. Messy.

12. Are you a GoodWill, or any second hand store customer? Oh, yes! I love second hand books and second hand clothes. This is a new passion for me. Have you tried ThredUp? I really enjoy it.

13. How do you feel about the death penalty? Appalled. In the mid-1980s, my friend John was on a death penalty trial and found the man guilty. Having been raised Catholic, this was awful for John, but he felt it was his duty as a citizen. Imagine how he felt in 2003 when the man he helped convict was exonerated and granted a full pardon based on INNOCENCE.

If, as a society, we want to have a death penalty, then judges should be the ones to decide who gets it and who does not. Jurors who are fulfilling their civic duty should not be saddled with such decisions. 

14.  If you could live in any fictional world, where would it be? I'd like to be a March sister.

15. Do you believe in ghosts/spirits & have you had any experiences with them? I really don't. I believe souls go to Heaven and are with us that way, but no, I don't think Caspar the Friendly ghost is the one who makes things go bump in the night.


  1. I think the same as you on #15, but I did like the Casper cartoons and movie. It might be kinda fun to have that little guy around!

  2. I just finished the last in the latest series of "The Crown" and thought I would get to the Diana part, but I guess not. I love the series.

    As I said to Country Dew, it's amazing that for someone who watches as much tV as I do, every time this "favorite program" question comes up, I hear about lots of programs I've never seen before, "Spenser" being one of them.

  3. #13... exactly!
    I loved, “The Crown”. Can’t wait to see the new series.
    I’ve been meaning to look at thread-up. Thanks for the push.


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