Sunday, November 24, 2019

Happy Birthday to Me -- Part 6

Celebrating on Southport. Saturday my classic film group met at the Music Box Theater on Southport to see Lover Come Back. It's not a great movie -- Doris is a little too broad* and it maintains that 60s-era fiction that the Confederacy was somehow "cute" -- it was a happy happenstance for my birthday weekend anyway because 1) it's set in Mad Men-era advertising and 2) Rock Hudson is very funny, and I'm going through a Rockaissance. He was so wooden in many of his early and late performances that I completely ignored how good he was when he was a major star (1955-1962). He may not have been a great actor, but given the right material and the right director, he was completely charming company.

After the movie, we met up with Joanna for gelato, a few doors down. It's funny, but I disagree with her often and heatedly on classic films -- and the classic film meet up is how we met! -- but agree with her on just about everything else!

Anyway, being Joanna, she showed up in a red scarf, with red earrings, red glasses and even a red phone. She brought me a book as a gift (which, okay, I'll probably regift) and handwritten notecard to use as a bookmark: "So glad you are part of my world. Happiest of happy. Love you! J."

We ended up blabbing for over 3 hours. Then she was off to meet her new fella, Sid. She's still very much in the infatuation phase, and it's cute to see her so happy.

*Hard for me to admit, because I usually adore her.

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  1. I love how you celebrate and celebrate! :) Sounds like a delightful celebration. (What book?)