Wednesday, July 10, 2019

I'm my mother's daughter

Like her, I believe that a refrigerator is more than a place to store food. It's an opportunity for self expression!

Welcome to my kitchen, new refrigerator.

I hate being busy

I am a slug. I like nothing better than staying stationary with a book, or Farmville, or watching baseball. It relaxes me. And now, with "open seating" at the office, which leaves me piteously exposed all day every day, it's like a lifeline. And this week, I'm afraid I won't get much lazy alone time.

Monday. Movie Meetup. Pride of the Yankees. I do love this 1942 film about Lou Gehrig. And it was nice to get together with Will again. Plus, this week is the All Star Break, which means no Cub games until Friday,* so it was good to get my baseball fix.

Tuesday. Henry's newspaper article. The local Key West paper did a profile on Henry! It was a very affectionate piece with lots of photos and it made him happy. And it was a nice counterpoint to all the intimate, sad online oversharing Reg has been doing about their personal lives. So I was delighted for Henry. But when he phoned last night -- during the All Star Game -- the call went on too long, as calls with Henry invariably do. The conversation got sillier as Henry got more fatigued (and perhaps consumed more wine). I felt guilty that I was relieved to hang up. Henry had good news and wanted to share it, and I am honored he chose to share it with me.

Today. New refrigerator. I'm sitting here, waiting for the new one to arrive and the old one to be hauled away. Sometime between 8:30 and noon. I've got my furniture all moved out of the way and am waiting for the "we're on our way" call to empty the refrigerator. After the guys are finally done, I'll load up the new frig and put my stuff back ... and take a nap.

Thursday. Another condo association meeting. We're busy at work, so I really don't need this shit. Oh, and it will be shit. My neighbors are, quite understandably, concerned about whether or not their homes are going to be sold out from under them. Many unitowners feel that, as a board, we haven't been doing a very good job of communicating. I agree. But as board secretary, I can't share information I don't have, and Brian -- our board president -- has been a complete prick. I am not enthusiastically looking forward to this meeting!

Friday. Cousin Rose. I got a text from her that she will be in town for the day, as she travels between Florida and Michigan. I don't know what all is on her agenda, and this is rather sudden. But I told her I'm free after my doctor's appointment at 3:30. I know Rose loves me and I treasure that. She can also be prickly and difficult. Plus it's going to be 88ยบ and humid. I don't know what she wants to do, or how long she has to spend. Sigh. I like plans and there's no plan!

Saturday. Ball game! I'm thrilled to be going, of course. It's a little melancholy, though, because I'm going with my nephew and not John. This was supposed to be our celebration of his birthday, but he's simply too ill and tired to go. And again, hot, humid weather is predicted, and that will be exhausting.

Sunday. NOTHING! Yea!

*Though Javy Baez, Willson Contreras and Kris Bryant were NL All Stars.