Friday, April 19, 2013

Saturday 9

1) Crazy Sam is beyond sick of all things Kardashian! What's a topic you're just tired of and don't want to talk about anymore? The Twilight Saga. It seems every time I turn on one of my movie channels they are premiering another sequel or talking to another of the young hot vampires. That Kristin Stewart is especially annoying. Enough!
2) Rod Stewart has been recording for more than 40 years. Do you have any of his music on your iPod/mp3 player? "Maggie Mae," "Reason to Believe," "You Wear It Well," and "Stay With Me." He's become such a cartoon that it's easy to forget how good Roderick once was.
3) Rod Stewart is known for his coif. How much time do you spend on your hair each morning? About 10 minutes. Shampoo, condition, brush. I brush it alot during the day as a nervous habit
4) Rod's first child, a daughter, will turn 50 this year. His most recent child, also a daughter, is 2. How close in age are your children? If you don't have any children, how close in age are you and your siblings? If you don't have children OR siblings, well, tell us what's immediately to your left as you respond to this meme. If you don't have anything to your left ... Oh, hell, I give up! My older is sister is 17 months older than I am, my kid sister is 8 years younger.
5) Which do you prefer -- french toast or pancakes? French toast, please.

6) When was the last time you lost your cool? Don't let his sweet countenance fool you. My cat Reynaldo has elevated getting on my nerves to an art form.
7) Crazy Sam once had a pet hamster she named Bart. Have you ever cared for a hamster or a gerbil? Nope. Just cats, parakeets and a turtle.
8) Are you ticklish? Yup. My underarms.

9) Ouch! You have a headache! What's your go-to remedy? Ibuprofen


You Are an Owl
Like the owl, you are highly intuitive. You can trust your instincts above all else, and you listen to your inner guide.
You can see what others don't or won't see. You see everyone for who they truly are, and that frightens them.

You are a natural lie detector. You can see past masks and facades. No one can hide from you.
You have a quiet and gentle wisdom. You don't go around bragging about how smart or wise you are.

You are good at uncovering potential in yourself and others. You are a catalyst for positive growth and change.
You have a lot of creative and dynamic energy. You are focused on all of the possibilities in life.

Oh, break my heart!

I have spent so much time fixating on Suspect #2 (below) that I neglected to show props to the little boy who symbolizes what Monday cost us all.

That's Martin Richard. He was 8. Look at the gap tooth smile. Look at how he's mixed his capital and lower case letters. You know this little boy. He's as familiar and comfortable a little fella as Suspect #2 is strange and confusing.

And at left is a photo of the two of them as Martin's life ticks away. Circled are #2, Martin and the bomb. I have an overwhelming urge to reach into the shot and stop it from happening. Don't you wish you could just make it Monday morning again?

Krystle Campbell was 29 and loved her Nana very much. And now she's gone.

Lingzi Lu was just 23. This grad student was the pride of her family in China. And now she's gone.

Sean Collier was 26, a law enforcement officer on the job, a brother and a much loved member of his community. And now he's gone.

The world is a sadder and more confusing place.

Where is he?

THIS JUST IN! Captured before 8:00 PM (CST)

This is Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. "Suspect #2." The younger of the brothers suspected of carrying out Monday's bombing.

I have been staring at his face for about 24 hours now. The more I look at him, the more curious I become.

I'm still afraid of him. He's desperate and frightened and without his older brother to call the shots. I realize he's capable of anything. A dangerous, dangerous 19 year old with a penchant for firearms and explosives.

But I look in those eyes and I don't hate him. I see a kid who has somehow gone all wrong and can't possibly right it. Not anymore. Not after the body count that's been racked up.

How does an aimless, off balance kid like this become a terrorist who kills, who holds one of my favorite cities hostage? I'm obsessed and want to know how he became a murderer. I want him found before dark today before no one else gets hurt … and so I can get the rest of the story.