Friday, April 19, 2013

Oh, break my heart!

I have spent so much time fixating on Suspect #2 (below) that I neglected to show props to the little boy who symbolizes what Monday cost us all.

That's Martin Richard. He was 8. Look at the gap tooth smile. Look at how he's mixed his capital and lower case letters. You know this little boy. He's as familiar and comfortable a little fella as Suspect #2 is strange and confusing.

And at left is a photo of the two of them as Martin's life ticks away. Circled are #2, Martin and the bomb. I have an overwhelming urge to reach into the shot and stop it from happening. Don't you wish you could just make it Monday morning again?

Krystle Campbell was 29 and loved her Nana very much. And now she's gone.

Lingzi Lu was just 23. This grad student was the pride of her family in China. And now she's gone.

Sean Collier was 26, a law enforcement officer on the job, a brother and a much loved member of his community. And now he's gone.

The world is a sadder and more confusing place.

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