Friday, July 10, 2009

Now, from the brighter side of life ...

I am good at this job.

My opposite number, the other ACD here, presented our concepts to the client yesterday. Two were his and two were mine. He came in this morning to tell me that the only comments our clients made were regarding my two concepts: how great the first one was, and how they liked the second one but it was too copy heavy. (Me? Blabby? Can you imagine such a thing?) The client was polite, of course, but they didn't even consider his.

He then told me that he's 0-09. I hadn't thought about it that way till he mentioned it, but every time the client has had a choice this year, they have always chosen my concepts.

It was classy of him to point it out. And his timing was perfect. Because it makes me happy to honestly say, "I am good at this job."

There are more creative writers out there -- I admit that readily. But I am faster than most and, even better, I more attuned to the marketing goal of my work than many other writers.

So yes, I am good at this job.