Tuesday, December 25, 2012

"Bright lights and glorious things"

That quote is from my minister's Christmas Eve homily. He looked very tired, possibly because the candlelight service is his third of the day. Because he brightened when he delivered this homily, it made me listen a bit more closely.

One of our long-time congregants is in a hospice this Christmas. We all know he's not going coming home. Our minister asked him where his thoughts wander to this holiday season, which may be his last. At first the old gentleman joked, "The men's room." Meaning he misses doing the little things on his own. But then he said he looked forward to, "Bright lights and glorious things." This holiday season, and beyond … when he gets to enjoy the afterlife.

If we keep our hearts open, if we shepherd the love that comes our way, we, too, can look forward to "bright lights and glorious things."  

That's what I wish for all of us in 2013 and beyond -- "bright lights and glorious things."