Monday, December 20, 2021

Guess who's done working for the year

That would be ME! Yay! My final presentation of the year -- 90 minutes (!) on Friday -- went well, despite the mandatory technical glitches. At one point, when I apologized for the echo on my audio, my main client said, "Gal, you are doing splendidly well." What a kind man. My new boss, Marilyn, was in cyber attendance and seemed pleased enough. Still don't know what to make of her. On the one hand, she promised to, in her words, "stay out of my shit" and then she turned around and interfered. I'm trying not to overthink this. We've known each other less than a month. Maybe we'll be OK. And if not, well, I'm on VACATION, so no point worrying, right?

Especially when I have these other things to worry about.

1) You wouldn't believe where I grew a pimple. It's probably nothing, but it hurts. If it's still painful after January 1, I'll have to call my doctor, even though it's gonna be embarrassing.

2) Covid concerns. Dammit, I've been vaccinated and boosted! So why on earth should I still be worried? Because approximately 40% of the country is selfish, chickenshit or misinformed and insists on putting the rest of us at risk. Gee, thanks. I picked up a home test and will take it as soon as I get back from my trip. (I'm glad I ordered ahead; by the time I got to Walgreens to pick it up, the shelves were empty!) I had the virus and I don't want to inflict it on someone else. I'll happily quarantine, even if I'm asymptomatic.

3) Henry and Reg. They're not getting along. Reg is tired, working two jobs and bearing the sole responsibility for making every substantial decision for them as a couple. Henry is unmoored and lonely. Since retirement, his life doesn't have the structure he needs. Hopefully this Christmas, Reg's friend Patrick and I will provide much needed social lubricant to the gears. (If you saw Get Back, you'll know what I mean when I liken Patrick and me to Ringo and Billy Preston.)

On the other hand, here's what I have to be happy about.

1) Connie and Roy Hobbs are getting along well. They will be completely alone together for three days and so this is a comfort. It's funny to watch them. Roy Hobbs is literally twice her size, and yet she is so very much the alpha. She decides when they play and what they play, and it cracks me up to see my little girl chase that big boy into the closet and playfully decide when she'll "allow" him to come back out.

2) My nephew's news still has me smiling. I'm so glad I just so happened to get him a baseball-related Christmas gift! I'm going to see him, my niece and her hubs to celebrate Christmas tomorrow night. I love them so much and am really grateful I'm still relevant in their lives.

3) Wrapping! It always reminds me of my mom because this was the chore she handed off to me when I was in junior high. I'm going to put on my movie group's Christmas movie of the week (The Bishop's Wife) and get to it.

4) It's 9:30 and I'm still in my pajamas!