Monday, January 11, 2016

Being sick is good for my budget

I've been eating a lot of soup lately. Mostly chicken noodle, occasionally chicken rice. (Never tomato; I hate tomato.) Always with Club Crackers. It's been my dinner of choice for almost a week now. Boring, to be sure. But very economical!

With this illness my food expenditures have certainly shrunk. Instead of my big,  Saturday morning coffee shop breakfast of Eggs Benedict or bacon and eggs, I had a spare, Sunday Belgium waffle brunch, no meat, which naturally cost less. I slipped away to the movies Sunday afternoon and had no sweets, not even Twizzlers.

I think I'm on my way back to healthy, but then I've thought that before so I have to take it slow. Over the last three weeks I've learned how important food is to me. My friend John is already worried that I won't be able to drink at this weekend's Cubs Convention. Naturally I'd like to have a beer (and, as the song says, peanuts and Cracker Jack), but not at the expense of my fragile gut.

I want to be better. I'm so tired of this. I really want to be better!