Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Now THIS has been a good day!

I haven't had many lately, but today was one and I'm savoring it.

I saw a new specialist today. She talked to me. She asked questions. She listened. It was great! She explained that what I had -- c. diff -- is actually rather serious and it takes awhile to get over it. I've really only been c. diff-free for a little over a month. I think I'm recovering slowly, but she doesn't necessarily agree. She thinks I'm expecting myself to be the way I was on December 22, the day before my first episode of c. diff, but that may not be what "well" looks like for me anymore. I might be looking at a new normal. She wants me to relax, to concentrate on upping my fruits and vegetables and reducing my admittedly prodigious soda/caffeine intake, and to talk to her in two weeks. She wants to talk to me! As opposed to the last specialist, whose office couldn't commit to when, or if, he'd ever call me back.

Barb called! She left a voicemail at home when she knew I was at work, so I'm taking that as a signal that she didn't really want me to call her back. But it was good to hear her voice and get an update. She's home from the hospital and had one of the drains removed, which she reports, "is huge." I'll call her tomorrow or Friday, just to check in.

Things are better at work. AD is rolling up his sleeves and making changes. I'm not sure they will all be changes for the better, but that's not the point. He is enthusiastic, he's open, he's smart. YEA! The agency is beginning the appraisal process soon and I wish AD (account director) was my supervisor so he could write my review, instead of my boss, but it is what it is.

The Cubs are winning ... again. These guys are so good tonight it's actually boring. They're winning 9-2. Up by seven runs! Can you believe it? They've so outclassed the Reds in pitching, fielding and hitting that I'm comfortable switching back and forth to a Law & Order rerun I've never seen. What a luxury!