Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Thursday Thirteen #186


I got these from the terrific Allure Insider's Guide to Beauty & Style. They're all affordable and easy to accomplish, and just a sample from the issue that's on stands right now, as well available at Ulta stores.

1) Don't sip through a straw. It can create fine lines around your mouth.

2) If your skin is sensitive, choose "fragrance free" products. "Unscented" means no scent (like "powder fresh" or "minty") has been added so there's nothing to complete with the smell of your cologne or body lotion. But low levels of "masking fragrance" are permissible. Really! Read the ingredient statement on the back of an "unscented" product and you're likely to find "fragrance" listed there.

3) To make your manicure last longer, avoid alcohol. No, not vodka! Hand sanitizer! It can make your polish look dull. Wash your manicured hands in soapy water instead.

4) Also, avoid folding laundry just out of the dryer. The dry heat can weaken your nails.

5) You know that face cream you tried that just didn't work out? Don't throw it away. Instead, apply it to your heels. Your skin there isn't as sensitive as it is on your face, but still needs moisturizing.

6)  The worst place to store your cologne or perfume is the bathroom. The shifts in temperature and humidity can alter the fragrance.

7)  Shop for fragrance at midday, because that's when the average person's sense of smell is the sharpest.

8) Liven up your fall/winter wardrobe with a coat or trench in a bright color. Since you wear it closed, you don't have to worry about it clashing with your blouse.

9) If your hair tends to be dull, choose a more powerful hair dryer. If it has 2,000 watts or more, it will dry your hair faster, which reduces the chances of overworking and overheating it.

10) Change your conditioner periodically. Every brand has a slightly different formula, and mixing it up every now and again will help reduce build up.

11) The mascara wand is as important as the formula. The conventional round brush is for fullness. If separation is important to you, choose one with a spiky, comb-like wand.

12) To achieve a natural look that's better than no makeup at all, try using a sheer metallic face bronzer as your eyeshadow. It adds definition to your eyes but no discernible color.

13) It's a myth that using lip balm will leave you needing more.

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August Happiness Challenge -- Day 29

Today's Happiness: old movies. I'm curled up in front of the TV for Ingrid Bergman night on TCM Summer Under the Stars. Here she is in Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, where she's Ivy, a tart who is about to meet a bad end at the hands of our evil doctor. Then, of course, I'll watch her as the incomparable Ilsa Lund from Casablanca. These old black and white films enchant me.

Her cheeks are always ruddy

I'm thinking about the woman who is always on the corner of Michigan and Randolph for the evening rush hour. She's solemn, pink-cheeked, and holds a sign that says, "I'm not a bad girl. I made bad choices."

Since I changed health clubs, I know longer see "my" McDonald's Man, the homeless gentleman with terrible eyesight I always passed en route. He always said, "Thank you for your blessings" whenever I dropped coins in his cup.

So instead I give my few cents a day to her. Whereas his graciousness always touched my heart, so does her terrible dignity. This has been a hot, uncomfortable summer and she's been there every day, holding that sign in which she owns up to her shortcomings. I wonder what her life is like, and how she got here.

I Want Wednesday

I want this zit to go away! I grew a brand new pimple on my chin yesterday. Hopefully I salicylic'd it early and often enough that it won't grow big enough to get it's own zip code.