Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The score doesn't reflect the game

Yes, the Cubs lost to the Phillies, 4-1. But it was a much closer, much more exciting game than the score reflects. Until the bottom of the 13th, it was tied at 1-1. Then Jason Werth sent one sailing into the stands.

So we lost. But it was a great game.

If we play like this throughout the second half, this just may be the year!

The Queen's Meme #2

Done by royal decree.

Mission Impossible Meme
In honor of the 40th anniversary of the Moon Landing

1. You are a guest on the space shuttle. You just arrived on the moon and realize you forgot something back home that you can't live without. What is it and how do you convince them to go back and fetch it? My iPod. That frigging shuttle is a small, enclosed place and while they may be considered great guys by their friends, these astronauts are complete strangers to this Gal. I NEED MY ALONE TIME! I'd explain that if I can't control my environment in these closed quarters by wearing my headphones, there's going to be trouble. Maybe not death, but certainly bruising and maybe even loss of blood.

2. Pretend you are a teacher in a rough public school for one day. You have been assigned to teach Manners 101. You have the "challenging bad butt kids" class. They are jumping up and down, cursing, and throwing things at you. What is the first thing you would write on the board? "Up Your Nose with a Rubber Hose." I know it's an inelegant non sequitur, but it always worked for Mr. Kotter in similar circumstances.

3. Someone in your family or a friend has started a blog. They think it is anonymous but you have figured it out. They are saying derogatory things about you. Do you tell them or do you read it for awhile? How would you handle it? Hmmm ... (she said, contemplatively twirling her hair). I'd read it for a while. Am I learning hard and harsh truths about myself, or am I being slagged just for the hell of it? I have to answer that before I can respond.

4. If you had one dollar left in your pocket, what would you spend it on? A can of Classic Coke. Because I always want one.

5. President Obama and the First Lady are coming over for dinner. What do you serve? Note that this question asks what I "serve," not what I "prepare." Therefore I'm being given a loophole to wriggle out of, and I'm wrigglin'. I'd pick up something from Five Guys because not only is it around the corner, it's something I know the Prez likes.

6. You walk in on your lover. He is trying on your clothes. What do you do? Pray that he's stretching them out of shape. It would break my heart if they fit him less snugly than they do me.

7. Every astronaut must have shots! Choose your vaccination: You only get one and you can't enjoy any of the attributes of the other choices. You choose either: (1) The fountain of eternal youth and sexual vigor but only for 10 years (2) perfect health for a lifetime (3) eternal mind-numbing nirvana and peace of mind (4) unlimited hedonism for one year with no negative consequences. #2. That would give me the time and stamina to work toward the others.

Remembering Blair Holt

A little more than 2 years ago, Chicago lost a 16-year-old boy. It's a tragic scar on this great city that we lose too many young people to violence every week. There was something especially wonderful, promising and special about Blair Holt and his family that made his life and death touch a chord in many of us.

Blair Holt was an honor student, the son of a Chicago cop (dad) and a firefighter (mom). He was on his way home from school on a CTA bus when gangbangers boarded and started firing. He pushed his classmate out of the way and was killed instead. Yesterday, at his killer's sentencing, surveillance tapes of his heroism were shown publicly for the first time.

There is much that could be and is being said about Blair Holt's admitted, convicted and now sentenced murderer. I leave that for others. This post is about the boy who sadly never got to become a man.

• Blair was a well-liked student who made good grades and had no gang affiliations whatsoever

• He planned to go on to college and pursue a career in music management

• He loved steaks cooked on the grill

• He enjoyed renting movies

• He shared a love of the White Sox with his father

• His mother referred to him as her "best friend" and "running buddy"

• The father of the girl whose life he saved refers to Blair Holt as a "hero"

• Judge Nicholas Ford agreed from the bench yesterday.

There is a bill before Congress now, HR45, called The Blair Holt Firearm and Record of Sale Act. In summary, this law would:

• Prohibit possession of any handguns or any semiautomatic firearms that can accept detachable ammunition-feeding devices (excluding antiques) by anyone who has not been issued a firearm license.

• Require all sales of those types of firearms to go through licensed dealers.

• Direct the Attorney General to establish and run a federal record-of-sale system.

• Require the possessors of firearms to secure them (by secure gun storage or safety devices) when they are kept in locales where children might be capable of gaining access to those firearms.

I encourage you to read more about HR45, and consider contacting your Congressman to support it. Just as Blair Holt saved one of his classmates, perhaps we can honor his memory by saving another kid.