Tuesday, September 24, 2019

I had a $5 in my back pocket!

After spending time with John recently, I decided to be more serious about my health. After all, John is not quite two years older than I am and in crappy shape. He tires easily and has trouble walking. He needs a new job, and I worry what impact his appearance will have on his ability to impress in an interview. And so I've recommitted to eating better and working out.

On my way to the health club, I unexpectedly saw Caleb! He was panhandling on a different corner, and once again, he was alone, without Napoleon or Randi. He didn't see me -- nose in his book -- and I didn't stop. I simply didn't have time if I wanted to get to the health club when there were still lockers available. PLUS all I had on me was a $20, nothing smaller.

But I made a plan. After my workout, I would pick up my lunch at Five Guys Burger and Fries and then share my change with him.

Alas, when I got back to his new corner, he was gone.

I think of this as a good thing. If he's not sitting out all afternoon, especially in this unseasonably nice weather, maybe he's just augmenting his unemployment income. After all, when things were dire for this little family, they were all three out, no matter what the weather.

I've decided to keep a $5 tucked in my back pocket at all times. Because I just don't know when I'll happen to run into them and I could use an update.