Monday, August 28, 2023

Noir City Chicago, 2023

Oh, how happy I was Sunday!
I was among my people -- the classic movie faithful -- inside a venerable old movie palace -- Chicago's Music Box Theater (built in 1929) watching murder and mayhem at the Noir City Film Festival.

It was great to see members of my own little movie group in person (hugs all around, and I was happy to field questions about my Connie cat and why I wasn't wearing my usual: a Cubs t-shirt). Then we saw two not-often shown films from 1948 -- The Velvet Touch and The Big Clock. How exciting to see Theater #2 filled with Chicagoans enthusiastic about b&w films celebrating their 75th anniversay.

Two of my favorite things: Eddie & the curtain at The Music Box.

Best of all, I got to meet Eddie. SQUEE! Eddie Muller, TCM's Czar of Noir, spearheads the restoration of these classic dramas. And he's my TV boyfriend. I have a massive crush on him. I got Betty from movie group to take our picture together (she's a shameless star collector and I needed her to give me courage) and afterward, Eddie and I talked ... and talked ... about TCM and the corporate takeover. He was cautiously optimistic and I was beyond delighted to hear that. Even better, I was the one who cut the conversation short because there were other fans waiting to talk to him. Eddie thought I was smart and interesting! (Eddie liked me! Eddie liked me!)

August Happiness Challenge -- Day 27

My 2023 happiness icon

Today's Happiness: Elaine was annoyed with me.

After spending the day together at the Noir City Chicago film festival, Elaine offered to drive Will and me home. It saved me more than $20 and the time I'd have to wait for the next train,* and I was grateful. 

Will and I were yammering rather enthusiastically about the movies. She was quiet, and when she did talk she was snappish with me. Me, not Will.

Was I talking too loud or too fast (I learned the latter especially annoys my Cousin Rosemary)? Did she feel excluded? Was she just fucking sick of me? After all, we also saw each other on Thursday.

I don't care. I was delighted.

Elaine is human, after all! This was the first time she's ever been short with me, and I loved it because she gets on my nerves after prolonged exposure. Nothing serious. She's a lovely woman and a good friend. But she can bug me, and until Sunday night I never saw any evidence that I could bug her. So until Sunday night, I felt a little bitchy.

I love this evening of the playing field. In classic movie terms, Sunday night was proof no woman is ever all Melanie Hamilton or all Scarlett O'Hara.

*Now that I'm a retired lady on a fixed income, I no longer just reflexively summon an Uber. I'm back to my twenty-something self, always carrying a book in my oversized purse to amuse me while waiting for the next bus or train.