Friday, October 30, 2015

Saturday 9

Saturday 9: Thriller (1983)

1) In this video, Michael Jackson is transformed into a "werecat," with fangs, claws, yellow eyes and whiskers. What  monster or ghoul frightened you the most? None, really. For me, the truly chilling characters are very bad men, like Hannibal Lecter or Norman Bates.

2) Michael sings that evil things that will be lurking "close to midnight." Where will you be at midnight tonight?

3) Horror movie icon Vincent Price does the voice over on "Thriller." What's your favorite scary movie?   Psycho. Once you've seen Janet Leigh's final shower, you never forget it.

4) Mr. Price's House of Wax, made in 1953, was one of the first 3D movies. What's the most recent 3D movie you saw?
This summer's Jurassic World. It was very entertaining.

5) Horror fans might be surprised to know that, despite his sinister image, Mr. Price enjoyed very genteel and relaxing hobbies, like cooking, gardening and painting. What would we be surprised to learn about you?  
I don't remember many of my dreams, but the ones I do recall tend to be gross and creepy and weird.

6) A Halloween tradition is the jack-o-lantern. Did you carve a pumpkin this year?   Nope

7) According to Yahoo!, the most popular costume of Halloween 2014 was a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle. Will you be in costume this Halloween? If not, who or what would you most like to dress up as?  If I was dressing up, I'd costume myself as Liz Taylor. I've never seen myself in a black wig, and I think all the gaudy jewelry and eyeliner would be fun.

8) When you went trick or treating as a kid, did you usually wear a store-bought costume, or was it DIY?  
Always store bought. And I can't remember a single one.

9) When trick-or-treaters show up at your door, what candy will they get?  All they will get is disappointed, because I won't be home.

Today in court

This lovely young woman, who was murdered more than eight years ago, was much loved. So much so that two rows in the courtroom were filled with her family and friends as her accused killer's trial continued.

I'm glad those who cared about her are getting their day in court. I'm just sorry that the testimony they heard was so grisly. For today, the cop who found her body took the stand.

So I'd like to combat that sad ugliness by sending this image of Nailah Franklin out into the blogosphere.

My Halloween haunts

This weekend I'm staying at this mid-century modern hotel, The State House Inn in Springfield. In this case, when I say "mid-century" I'm referring to the mid-20th century. I'll also visit a mid-century home inhabited by a certain famous someone. That would be Abe Lincoln's home from the mid-19th century.

I haven't slipped away by myself all year and I miss my little solo getaways. So this weekend, it's me and Abe.

Here's hoping the trip is a pleasant adventure. Because of extensive track construction, Amtrak is running buses between Chicago and St. Louis. It's going to take me (gulp!) five hours to get to Springfield. That's one long-ass bus ride. I'm hoping I'll be amused by witty banter by people like these two. But I'm not counting on it.

Happy Birthday, Dear Kwizgiver ...

Happy Birthday to you!