Monday, June 23, 2014

Hanging out

My cat Joey is a gentle giant, a happy soul who loves cuddling and sleeping in the sun. His purr is so deep and resonant that when he meows, it sounds like a gurgle.

When my girlcat, Charlotte, was alive, she hated Joe. Just hated him. She was every inch the diva, and this was her prerogative. Every morning at mealtime, Joey would approach Charlotte and she would hit him in the head. She also forbade him from sharing furniture with her.

Connie likes Joe. She plays with Reynaldo, running to and fro, but she likes hanging with Joey. Every now and again he'll groom the top of her head, but for the most part, he just enjoys her nearness. As if that wasn't wonderful enough, he still has Rey to play with every morning after breakfast.

Joey is very old. I'm glad that at this time of his life, he shares his home with two cats that appreciate his inherent Joey-ness.