Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Thursday Thirteen #242

The Thirteen Most Popular Cat Names of 2021. I live in a two-cat household and spend a lot of time at the vet. I've noticed in recent years that more and more people are giving their pets more "human" names, veering away from "Fluffy" and "Mittens." I see my observation is not unique to my neighborhood. Here are last year's most popular feline monikers.

1. Luna

2. Milo

3. Oliver

4. Leo

5. Loki

6. Bella

7. Charlie

8. Willow

9. Simba

10. Lucy

11. Lily

12. Nala

13. Kitty (the outlier)

None of my cats has gone by those names. Over my lifetime, I've shared my home with Tommy, Little Tommy, Snoozer, Trouble, Annie, Wilma, Tara, Allison, Billy, Joey, Charlotte, Reynaldo, and currently Connie and Roy Hobbs. (My mom named Snoozer and Trouble.)

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This is the aggregate of two lists I found online.