Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Falling apart

Self portrait
This old gray mare just ain't what I used to be ... As per my doctor, I am now peeing through a strainer. I have a rather large kidney stone on the lower left side. My doctor suspects the blood and pain were the result of bits of stone breaking off and working its way out. She says if we have a sample of the stone, we'll know if it's calcium, uric acid or oxalate, which will help determine treatment. She also will be sending me a referral, as she doesn't think she's the one to treat me from here. Still, she doesn't think this is anything dire. She said that the specialist and I may even decide no further treatment is required, just a lot more liquids.

I'm also slathering Capzasin on my right knee. For some reason, yesterday it started hurting soooo bad. I didn't twist it. It's not swollen. Perhaps it's arthritis. If it's not better soon, I will haul my fat ass over to urgent care and get it looked it.

I'm falling apart!

It earned me a hug

I sent an admittedly corny "get well" card to Napoleon's mom, Randi, who is still in the hospital. The card had a cat on the front, and inside it said, "Hope you are feline better." I slipped a $5 bill inside and attached a little kitten ornament to the envelope. (I got the ornament for $1 at a fundraiser my village held to raise funds for the animal shelter.)

Apparently this meant a great deal to her. She's got the ornament and card next to her hospital bed because, as her husband, Caleb told me, "they remind her of this guy (Napoleon)." He thanked me and gave me a hug.

I want her to feel more normal. She appreciates me because I treat her like a woman, not a homeless woman. I imagine that most of the other patients have get well cards and flowers and gifts. Now she has a card and a little giftie, too.

Doing this made me happy, and it earned me a hug!

April Challenge -- Day 24

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Something you miss

The mall. I went to Carson's on Sunday because that's the best place to buy my favorite jeans. They are going out of business. It was miserably sad. Carson's -- originally Carson, Pirie, Scott and Co. -- has been in the Chicagoland area since before the Civil War.

To get to Carson's, I had to pass Toys R Us. Their liquidation sale is in full swing, too.

The other anchor stores in that mall are JC Penney and Sears. Were I a betting woman, I would have put money on those two going under before Carson's.

I used to love going to the mall. I enjoyed people watching, wasting time in the food court, window shopping. It was a destination, even if all I needed to buy was cat food.


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