Friday, August 19, 2011

August Happiness Challenge -- Day 19

Cat naps. And I mean that literally. My big ol' tomcat, Joey, was asleep on my bed when I left for work this morning. When I got home this afternoon at about 2:00, he hadn't yet moved. Since I was home early, an exciting event, he roused himself and stretched contentedly. The sight literally tugged at my heart. He must be 15 years old now (he was an adult shelter rescue, so it's impossible to know for sure), and I'm glad he's so happy and has enjoyed such a good life.

Joey truly is an inspirationally happy soul, always has been. In the 13 years we have known each other, I have only ever seen him display temper once -- at the vet. And he's frightened by thunderstorms and leaving the house. But other than that, his life is completely copacetic. He loves all humans and felines he meets. He seldom turns his nose up at food and he never begs. And he always, always wants a good head rub.

Hey, Chicago, what do you say? Cubs are gonna WIN today!

There was a lot of drama within the Friendly Confines today. First the Cubs fired long-time GM Jim Hendry. I'm completely ambivalent about this. I believe it's past time for him to go, but it's always sad to see someone spend their adult life with a company and get the sack.

Then the Cubs won -- in extra innings! -- against the Cardinals!

Watching this game on one of my final short summer Fridays was a good way to try to get my mind off the screw up about scheduling my surgery. The oncologist and I had a date set (9/2). In order to get the paperwork started, his office asked me to call my gynecologist and let him know. My gyne responded that the oncologist couldn't possibly mean 9/2 and he would get to the bottom of it, and call me back today.

He didn't.

So I called my oncologist's physician's assistant and she said she'd get it straightened out for me ... by Monday.


I need to tell them something at the office so they can hire a free lance writer in my stead and so I can get short-term disability pay. I need to let my friends know the dates so we can work out who can care for me (and my mom) and when.

I'm sick of waiting!

In the interim, I'm drinking pina coladas and watching the Cubs beat Cardinal ass. It helps.