Friday, April 30, 2010

Sights seen at lunch

Molly the Cat was out again today. This time she and her dad were across the street, in front of Starbuck's instead of Macy's. I worry that they are too close to the street, and all that traffic, but they have so much more than that that's troublesome in their homeless lives, so I guess I shouldn't fixate. I know Molly is having a can of turkey and giblets for lunch, and I left a buck, some change and some kind words for her humans. (Don't know where her female person was today.) She's a very nice cat, so friendly that you know her people must be very good to her.

I stopped at McDonald's and saw a little girl gazing lovingly at the Mermaid Barbie Happy Meal display. Oh, how I wish I could long so much for something so easily attainable!

Puppet Bike was setting up, and that always makes me happy. What's not to love about watching mangy puppets dancing merrily to Xydeco music?

I feel bad for people who don't have a vibrant city to wander about at lunchtime.