Saturday, November 14, 2020

Sunday Stealing

Something Different

This week, Meme Mistress Sykes suggests we post photos for each answer. I'm going to let Blogger's search function choose my pix. The photos/illustrations you see here are what came up first when I searched my blog for these keywords.

This was an interesting exercise. Some of these posts felt new to me! I guess I should read my own blog more often.
1. Something held together with ribbon, string, or rope.

2. Something related to travel.

3. Someplace people gather

4. Something cold/frozen

5. Something with a hole in it.

6. Something striped.
7. An animal.



From 2/6/18. But instead, here's the link to Fried's Cat Shelter. Theirs is an inspiring story, and they could use your help.
8. Something cute.

9. A food.

10. Something warm