Wednesday, May 10, 2023

Thursday Thirteen #308


Thirteen things I would never say. Let's say we meet. How will you know if it's really me and not a plant-like alien pod who has snatched by body? If you hear "me" say one of these things, you'll know it's the pod.

1. Where we go one we go all. (Haven't you always suspected that QAnon followers are soulless pods?)

2. Let's watch NASCAR.

3. I need coffee to get started in the morning.

4. Barry Manilow is my favorite!

5. The Beatles are over-rated.

6. I love the heat and would thrive in a tropical climate.

7. C'mon over! I love it when people drop by.

8. A place for everything and everything in its place.

9. You should taste my recipe for chilaquiles.

10. Trust me! My sense of direction is flawless.

11. You voted for Donald Trump? Me, too!

12. I'm afraid of cats.

13. The Cubs suck.

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