Wednesday, May 15, 2024

Thursday Thirteen #359

13 jobs for graduating seniors. It's graduation season! Four-year college is so expensive that it won't be an option for everyone in the Class of 2024. Some may choose to work part-time while attending community college or vocational school, others will be embarking on their careers. Here are 13 popular jobs for high school grads.

Please note: the median salaries shown represent the middle point of all salaries for workers in this category. It's not the starting salary.

1. Flight attendant. In addition to a high school diploma, some airlines require experience working in customer service. (See #12) Median salary: $63,760.

2. Hearing aid specialist. A fast-growing field. They administer hearing tests, take impressions of patient's ears, and modify the hearing aids. New hires receive on-the-job training. Median salary: $59,020.

3. Bus driver. New hires get on-the-job training. Generally, a driver needs to have a commercial drivers license and be 18 years of age, though some states require drivers be 21. Median salary: $50,890. 

4. Administrative assistant. Providing clerical support. Good computer skills required. Median salary: $47,100.

5. Community health worker. They tend to be the ones who take temperatures, check blood pressure and often do simple blood tests before you receive a vaccination, donate blood, etc. New hires receive on-the-job training. Median salary: $46,190.

6. Landscaper. Maintaining lawns, gardens and parks; often transitioning to snow removal in winter. Median salary: $45,000.

7. Maintenance and repair. AKA handyman. Some states require on-the-job training and licensing. Median salary: $44,980.

8. Construction worker. Such a vast category I can't even begin to pin it down. Median salary: $40,750

9. Delivery truck driver. For local grocery stores, florists, furniture stores, etc. New hires get on-the-job training. Median salary: $40,410.

10. Pharmacy tech. They help pharmacists fill prescriptions and answer basic customer questions about medications. Median salary: $37,790.

11. Opticians. These are the people who help you choose your frames, make sure they fit, and dispense your contact lenses. Some states require training and a passing exam grade. Median salary: $39,610.

12. Customer service representative. The cheerful people you talk to when you dial an 800#. Median salary: $39,600.

13. Retail sales. Manning the register and maintaining the sales floor of your favorite store. Median salary: $33,000.

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