Friday, April 01, 2022

Saturday 9

 Saturday 9: Fooled Around and Fell in Love (1976)

Unfamiliar with this week's tune? Hear it here.

Chosen because Friday was April Fool's Day.

1) As an April Fool's prank, Taco Bell once announced they had purchased The Liberty Bell and renamed it The Taco Liberty Bell. Describe your perfect taco. Lightly (and oh, I do mean lightly) seasoned beef, lettuce, and cheddar cheese in a flour tortilla.

2) In 1989, a British policeman investigated a flying saucer that had landed in a field in Surrey. When a figure in a space suit emerged, the policeman ran away. Turns out it was a hot air balloon, designed by billionaire Richard Branson to look like a UFO as an April Fool's prank/publicity stunt. Have you ever seen a UFO? Nope

3) This week's song is about a man who collected girls' phone numbers in a little book. When he and she broke up, he'd tear out her page. Do you keep an pen-and-paper address book? Or do you use your cellphone to hold street addresses as well as phone numbers? I still carry an old-school day planner with an address book in the back.

4) This was the biggest hit blues guitarist Elvin Bishop ever had, but that's not him singing it. While he's proud of his composing and guitar prowess, Bishop felt his voice was too gravelly for this song. Do you like your singing voice? Ha! NO! No one likes my singing voice!

5) A brainy kid, Elvin Bishop won a full scholarship to the University of Chicago, where he majored in physics. Obviously, though, as a blues guitarist he doesn't lean on that physics degree very often. What's something you learned in school that you seldom used again? Chemistry and algebra

6) Elvin was born in Iowa, grew up in Oklahoma, went to college in Illinois, recorded in Georgia and now lives in California. How many different states have you called home? One. I have no interest in moving. I remember a conversation with a lover who was trying to convince me we would be happier in Northern California. I told him that we'd just be moving our problems 2000 miles to the west. I really believe that.
7) In 1976, the Summer Olympics were held in Montreal. When did you most recently visit our neighbor to the north? It's been decades.

8) Nadia Comaneci was the star of the 76 Olympics, scoring a perfect 10 in gymnastics. What have you enjoyed lately that you would rate "a perfect 10?" Weeks ago, I had the most heavenly slice of prime rib.

9) Random question: Do you ever talk to your TV? Oh, yes. I shout encouragement to ball players all the time.