Thursday, June 17, 2021

28 minutes

That's how long it took from the moment the truck arrived until I approved the payment on the removal
tech's iPad. In 28 minutes I got rid of decades of more than 30 years of stuff:

• 35-year-old Sears electric broom (they don’t make bags for it anymore)
• 30-year-old tube TV
• Broken window a/c
• Broken stereo
• Carpet remnants and padding
• Panes that don't fit my windows
• VHS tapes (recorded by me, yet I have nothing to play them on)
• Broken cat carrier (help together by bread bag ties)
• Leaky winter boots
• Curtains with frayed hems
• Towels with extensive pilling
• Wood slats to support a mattress I no longer have

I was inspired to do this because of the ladder. I gave myself a 6' ladder for my birthday, and had no room for it any of my closets. I live alone, so all four of the closets here are filled with only my stuff. And they were so full, so poorly organized, that I couldn't jam the new ladder in anywhere. So every morning, I woke up to see a ladder leaning up against my armoire. 

I am a woman with very low standards, but this was too much even for me.

Losing the a/c and the window panes made room for ladder. Yay!

It took me 2 1/2 days to get this organized. But now it's done and I can spend my vacation doing what the Lord intended me to do: watch movies and fart around on the internet.