Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Everyone needs Frangoes

According to Macys.com: "A delectable combination, smooth milk chocolate and refreshing mint come together to dazzle your taste buds. Since 1918, Frango has been cooking up batches of savory, yet refreshingly melt-in-your-mouth mint chocolate."

Until recently, Frango Mints were the trademark of Chicago's Marshall Field's. When the Field's name disappeared, Macy's picked up the banner. While I'm a fan of the original milk mint, you can also enjoy double chocolate, dark mint, toffee, sugar free and milk caramel.

They are fabulous. Completely fabulous.

August Happiness Challenge 2010 -- Day 17

91¢ A tourist did the nicest thing today! As I cut through Macy's at lunchtime today, I decided I deserved a four-pack sampler box of Frangoes (retail: $3.25). While I was paying, a young man suddenly appeared at my side and handed me a Macy's gift card. "It's got less than $2 on it and I can't use it. I want you to have it." Then he disappeared.

There was still 91¢ left on the gift card. My Frangoes were even more delicious than they would have been at full price. Thank you, generous tourist.

10 on Tuesday

Where It All Goes

I have two credit cards in my wallet. One I use for big purchases that I intend to pay for over time, the other for more expected things that I charge so I can get airline miles. I pay this second one off every month. I'm budgeted for $650, and it's always way more. And I'm always surprised. For example, this month it's $737. This warrants closer examination.

The last 10 purchases to post to my Citi/American Airlines credit card statement:

1) Guthy-Renkor Principal Secret. My moisturizer, cleansing mask and tinted moisturizer are delivered to 4 times a year, and my card is billed automatically for this every month. A good deal, and not a surprise.

2) Groupon -- $5 for $10 worth of frozen yogurt. An impulse purchase, yes, but undoubtedly a good deal.

3) Book of the Month Club. A Robert B. Parker tribute/Spenser compilation. This one I kinda regret. For while I loved Robert B. Parker and Spenser, I don't think I will ever reread these mysteries. PLUS it violates my "no new books in 2010" edict. So that's $13.78 I wish I hadn't spent.

4) Paypal for computer software. I hated spending this, but it was necessary.

5) Peapod. Grocery delivery service. It's been so freaking hot, there's no way I was going to lug a 15-lb. jug of cat litter, carton of Coke, bottle of bleach and Lord knows what else home. I stand by this one, too.

6) Quinn for Governor. Don't know if you've heard, but Illinois has had some bad luck with Governors lately. I hope this turns out to the a good investment.

7) Pumpkin Moon. Local card shop. I stocked up on silly cards and funny notepads and magnets to send to my friend Kathleen as she deals with her treatments. I couldn't have seen this coming, but it was $16.33 very well spent.

8) USPS. A month's worth of stamps, plus postage for a package of paperback books to Operation Shoebox. Obviously money well spent.

9) Comcast. Cable and Internet. More important than air and water for this Gal.

10) The Humane Society of the US. My monthly contribution, automatically billed to my card. How can we not help our furry friends?

Reviewing these, I feel better about going over budget, even though the frivolous, unnecessary purchases that I should be ashamed of and regret undoubtedly appear further down the statement.