Tuesday, August 17, 2010

August Happiness Challenge 2010 -- Day 17

91¢ A tourist did the nicest thing today! As I cut through Macy's at lunchtime today, I decided I deserved a four-pack sampler box of Frangoes (retail: $3.25). While I was paying, a young man suddenly appeared at my side and handed me a Macy's gift card. "It's got less than $2 on it and I can't use it. I want you to have it." Then he disappeared.

There was still 91¢ left on the gift card. My Frangoes were even more delicious than they would have been at full price. Thank you, generous tourist.


  1. What a fun extra! What are Frangoes?

  2. A very sweet deal, more ways than one.

  3. That's really nice of him. It always makes me smile at work when a customer will give someone else in line a coupon or something.