Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Everyone needs Frangoes

According to Macys.com: "A delectable combination, smooth milk chocolate and refreshing mint come together to dazzle your taste buds. Since 1918, Frango has been cooking up batches of savory, yet refreshingly melt-in-your-mouth mint chocolate."

Until recently, Frango Mints were the trademark of Chicago's Marshall Field's. When the Field's name disappeared, Macy's picked up the banner. While I'm a fan of the original milk mint, you can also enjoy double chocolate, dark mint, toffee, sugar free and milk caramel.

They are fabulous. Completely fabulous.


  1. You just had to put that picture up, didn't ya. And there's not a drop of chocolate in the Castle tonight.

  2. When Macys bought Marshall Fields, a friend of mine, convinced that Frangoes were an endangered species, went and bought all the boxes in her local store. Everyone got Frangoes for Christmas that year!

  3. O M G! How tragic that these are not part of my life!!!!