Thursday, July 02, 2015


These are Cub fans who made the pilgrimage. To New York. To see the Cubs play our lifelong nemeses, The Mets. I love how confident they were -- they packed our iconic "W" flag. By the way, the Cubs not only won today, they swept the Mets. I would have loved to have been there among the traveling faithful.

Tomorrow John and I are going to Wrigley Field, my first trip to The Friendly Confines this season.  We're celebrating his 60th birthday. I've dug out my Greg Maddux jersey in preparation. I have a Cubs necklace and Cubs sunglasses ready, too.* (I'm on the fence about whether to carry my Cubbie handbag.) It occurs to me that this lady is my own personal Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come.

*Thanks, Snarkela.