Wednesday, October 04, 2023

Thursday Thirteen #329

Thirteen commonly prescribed meds.
"Big Pharma" is big business. Drug companies spend more than $10 billion on advertising. For context, liquor companies spend about $7 billion.

So they're hawking a lot of meds. And we're taking them. Here are the most frequently prescribed medications in the United States.

1. Lisinopril. (Zestril) For high blood pressure and heart failure.

2. Levothyroxine. (Synthroid) For hypothryroidism.

3. Atorvastatin. (Lipitor) Lowers cholesterol.

4. Metformin. (Glucophage) Controls blood sugar levels.

5. Simvastatin. (Zocor) Another cholesterol medication.

6. Omeprazole. (Zegerid) Combats acid reflux.

7. Amlodipine. (Norvasc) Treats high blood pressure and angina.

8. Metoprolol. (Lopressor) Another blood pressure med.

9. Acetaminophen plus hydrocodone. (Vicodin) Relieves pain.

10. Albuterol. (ProAir) An inhaler for respiratory conditions.

11. Gabapentin. (Neurontin) Anti-seizure.

12. Losartan. (Cozaar) For high blood pressure and diabetes.

13. Sertraline. (Zoloft) An antidepressant.

You'll find #3 and #9 in my kitchen cabinet. Do you take any of these thirteen medications?

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