Friday, March 29, 2024

Three Nice Things about Myself -- Day 28


My blogging buddy, Kwizgiver, wrote a post that really resonated with meShe detailed how self-care helped her helped her prevail during a (ridiculously) tough month. Her tips were very wise and so doable! So she has inspired me to take one and integrate it into my own life.

Since I can be a pretty harsh self-critic, this is the one I chose. I hope I can do this every day during March. By then it should be a habit, right?

Three nice things about myself -- March 28:

1) I am good at laundry. Now this is distinct from enjoying laundry. I don't. I am a very lazy person who would prefer to not do chores at all. That said, my magical ability to make stains disappear does please me. Somehow, while shopping at Whole Foods, I got a cherry pie stain on the faux shearling collar of my coat. (I'm not exactly sure how this happened.) As soon as I got home, I treated it with OxiClean and the stain disappeared even before I could launder the coat. Yay, me!

2) I'm passionate about my passions. A friend once told me he wished he cared about anything as much I care about everything. Thursday I felt what he meant. It was not only Opening Day but the full schedule for the TCM Classic Film Festival was released! I was giddy with geeky glee. I like that about myself.

3) I thanked the woman at the front desk. I've had a crown lengthening before, so I declined a consult before next week's procedure. I know what to expect. I also know I'll need pain killers for days afterward, and I thought I'd make life easier by getting those prescriptions filled in advance. When I picked the scripts up, Edith, the practice coordinator, reminded me to eat breakfast on the day of the procedure and pop one of the painkillers before I come in. I thanked her "for taking such good care of me." That made her smile. I like that I personalized my thank you and added to it a bit.